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Ten simple tips for healthy and useful nutrition

Healthy foods alone are not enough for diet and disease avoidance, but must be accompanied by a programmed and integrated diet. An ideal and integrated diet must include some important conditions.

Maintaining ideal weight, preventing diseases, and increasing the body's immunity: all things you can reach by eating healthy foods, but only if you eat them properly and not excessively or unregulated.

A good health system is based on the concept of the 'food triangle', in which sugars are at the top of the pyramid and are recommended to reduce them. Milk and vegetables are at the bottom of the pyramid and must be increased, as recommended by the German medical advice website On Media.

The ideal and integrated diet should include the following 10 tips:

1- Food diversification: Healthy nutrition is only complete with different types of food and changes in the quantities and types of substances.

2- Eating sugary and fat-free nutrients, such as rice, bread and potatoes, because they give the body the necessary nutrients, vitamins and important nutrients.

3- Eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, and it is recommended to eat them while fresh. The body should be accustomed to eating different meals daily of vegetables and fruits. Fresh juices are the perfect way to do this.

4- Meat and fish are important for nutrition, because they contain nutrients and energy important to the body. However, many of them are very harmful and cause serious diseases. The German medical advice website On Media recommends eating fish 2-3 times a week and in small meals of up to 70 grams. Meat is also recommended for small meals and in amounts of up to 600 grams per week.

5- Fat-containing substances are also beneficial to the body, but it is recommended not to exceed more than 80 grams of fat per day. While it is recommended to eat unsaturated fats, such as soy fats and vegetable fats.

6- Reducing sugars and salts is important for the health of the body. It is preferable to replace them with natural herbs and sweeteners.

7- Drink ing too much water and sugar-free drinks.

8- Good and slow preparation of food, by reducing cooking temperatures. Food does not lose its important nutrients and maintains its taste and flavor.

9- Choose the right time to eat, and remember that your eye eats with you, so try to take care of the food and prepare it carefully.

10- Daily sports are important for digesting food and stimulating blood in the body. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise is recommended daily.

Ten simple tips for healthy and useful nutrition
Ten simple tips for healthy and useful nutrition