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Search for the benefits of sport


It is to carry out physical exertion and certain practices according to different rules, with the aim of competition, entertainment, excellence, enjoyment, self-development, physical skills and self-confidence, and different goals for exercise, some of which are social or subjective, and play individually or collectively. The Egyptians were practicing a variety of sports, as the Egyptian antiquities indicate, their practice was important for the training of warriors, and this is evident in the Pharaonic paintings, while the Greek monuments showed their keen interest in sports, and this shows the Greek monuments, such as the Greek Olympic Stadium, and were The sport is often inspired by the daily activities of the human being, such as running, shooting, jumping, swimming, horse riding, and the Chinese have also been practicing for thousands of years, and they have been saying that they were playing football but with iron.

Benefits of Sport

Exercise is one of the most important actions that if an individual performs, he or she will keep his body consistent and beautiful, and will be infallible against fat and fat accumulations. Protects the individual from heart disease and hardens the arteries, increases the speed of the heart rate and blood circulation, protects the body from inactivity, and reduces cholesterol. Protect your body from diabetes and reduce the incidence of diabetes for those who exercise. Helps the body control blood sugar. Exercise reduces the incidence of cold, making the body stronger and resilient to climate change. The individual gives a stronger memory. Help the individual sleep healthyly. The individual who exercises them blows strong joints. Provides additional self-confidence for those who exercise it. Help the individual to relieve stress and fears. Increase sperm.

Light sports

There are some light rides suggested for the best benefit, including: walking from the most important and simplest sports, make it a daily practice, ignore elevators, ignore driving to nearby places, and when you talk on the phone walk quickly, and when you walk walk fast to burn fat, and when preparing Food too. Wash your delicate clothes that you are afraid to be damaged by the washing machine, to flex your muscles. Take care of the kitchen garden to flex your muscles and flex your back. Wash your car at home, using napkins and buckets. Try to stand out in a sport that makes you feel fun, and try to do it at least once a week.

World-approved sports

There are many sports in the world, and many of them are created over time, and I remind you of them: bodybuilding, weightlifting, basketball, football, American football, rugby, golf, yoga, long jumping, high jumping, barrier racing, swimming and throwing Discus, volleyball, table tennis, ground tennis, jogging, karate, wrestling, handball, taekwondo, judo, boxing, lotus, keuxel, ninja, aikido, and other sports.

Search for the benefits of sport
Search for the benefits of sport