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The modus operandi of the lanchon

The modus operandi of the lanchon

Anchoon Luncheon is a name for a different type of chopped meat, which is wrapped in the form of long cylinders, so that it is cut into circular slices, often served with breakfasts and appetizers, and the lanchon is characterized by its different flavors, whether chicken or meat, and is considered one of the Favorite meals for adults and children alike, but most people may be afraid to buy them, because of the news about their pollution or some of the damage caused by it, so here we will provide a recipe for the work of the lanchon at home, in an easy and safe way, so that the amounts are known And guaranteed, so that we will present its modus operandi without any meat in its components.

The modus operandi of the lanchon without the meat of the ingredients 1

Two triangles of Nisto cheese. Two eggs. 2 tablespoons flour. Half a cup of oil. Chicken stock cube. Half a teaspoon of black pepper. Half a spoonful of paprika. One clove of garlic. Their love.

How to prepare 2

Place all the previous ingredients in a blender or chopped, and mix well until smooth. Remove from blender, then knead manually to make the mixture firm. Place the dough in a plastic disc-shaped bag, to be exactly like in the shops, keeping it closed well to prevent air entry. Roll the dough after placing it in the plastic bag with tin foil and close tightly. Place the roll in a bowl filled with water. Leave the roll in water and simmer for 1 hour to completely mature. After the time limit, remove the roll from the water and set aside to cool completely, then refrigerate. Remove the luncheon from the fridge, which is ready to eat, so that we cut it in shape and fish as a choice. Any type of olive can be added when preparing the luncheon, so that it can be added with the aforementioned ingredients, to add a taste and aesthetic shape to it.

Chicken Luncheon Ingredients 3

Half a kilogram of bone-pulled chicken. Two eggs. A teaspoon of paprika. A glass of flatbread. A teaspoon of cumin. Spoon black pepper. A tablespoon of salt. 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped. 1/2 cup olives, seeded.

How to prepare 4

Clean, wash, soak in vinegar and a little olive oil, then wash and cut into small pieces. Mix the chicken pieces with the egg, ground breadcrumbs, and add paprika, cumin, black pepper, salt and finely chopped garlic in an electric mixer until you get a smooth mixture. Empty the mixture in a bowl and knead with the hands well until we have a smooth and cohesive dough, then add the chopped olives and mix well. Empty the luncheon in a plastic bag, tie it well from the ends so that the air does not enter it, then wrap it well with aluminum foil. Drop the luncheon roll in a bowl of water, and simmer with bay leaves, a pinch of salt and black pepper for at least 1 hour until fully cooked.

The modus operandi of the lanchon
The modus operandi of the lanchon